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 In the process the lives of the Hindu, from newborns to adults there is always a religious ceremony to follow. One of them is three month baby or nelu bulanin ceremony. This ceremony aims to commemorate the birth of the baby and introduce him to the world. In this ceremony there nelu bulanin implemented ngangkid ceremony. This ceremony is usually conducted at sea, and for the community of Beraban village ngangkid ceremony held at Tanah Lot. Ngangkid usually held at the Tanah Lot temple on the west of Penyawang temple Tanah Lot, or on the east enjung galuh. The meaning of this ceremony is to ngangkid sweeping request to the God which is in the sea. Imploringly holy water which its meaning as sweeping of the baby from all coherent dirt’s body named harsh.

Yesterday there was people from the Beraban village held ngangkid ceremony in Tanah Lot, which coincided with the commemoration of the three-month baby. Before the ngangkid ceremony held, the family who held ngangkid nunas tirta or holy water first in Tanah Lot temple. Here, baby realized as small bole which swept away to middle of the sea then lifted or "diangkid" from the sea by priest and the parent of baby to continent so that its referred as Ngangkid. Ngangkid ceremony was also aims to introduce the baby to segara or the ocean, and to requesting safety for their life. ngangkid ceremony was held about an hour, starting from 7:00 o'clock in the morning. After the ngangkid ceremony in Tanah Lot completed, the three-month baby ceremony followed by other ceremonial procession carried out at home.