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Today, Saturday, February 9, 2008 is the last day to do pray at Tanah Lot Temple or recognized with Penyineban Ceremony. According to Chief Committee of Pengempon Tanah Lot Temple, I Ketut Toya Adnyana, S.P, penyineban ceremony will perform at 4 PM until 6 PM or take place during two hours. But preparation have started at 2 PM. The procession of penyineban ceremony is started with pailenan Ida Bethara Tanah Lot Temple to beji or source of holy water or called Ngebejian Ida Bethara. This procession is to cleaning all symbol of the God which exist at Tanah Lot Temple by wearing a lef of white cloth the pageant go to source of holy water. White cloth symbolise chastity.

After procession at source of holy water done, the pageant go to Penyawang Temple. Reach until Penyawang Temple the pageant greeted with dance balinese woman which have been specified. This dance referred as memendet. Memendet dance depict that, hindus people greet Ida Bethara (=God) after cleaned with gracefull movement and accompanied with bebantenan. They dancing with forming circle and encircle the place of ceremony.  All balinese woman which is do memendet bring some canang sari which put into a place called bokoran.

Besides greeted with memendet dance, pageant also greeted by rejang dance which is the dancer come from beraban village. Rejang dance is a dance that have a graceful and simple motion, danced by women ( choice from various age) conducted by teaming or group in the temple at the time when ceremony taking place. Rejang dance usually accompany with balinese music named "Gong Kebyar" or "Gong Gede". Rejang dance usually danced by young girl. Rejang dance usually perform if there are religious ceremony at the temple. 

After all procession at Penyawang Temple which is called Ngelebar done, then pageant going to Tanah Lot Temple again. Penyineban ceremony represent procession to return Ida Bethara or pratima to its each place. Ida Bethara Saren Kangin at Tanah Lot Temple, its place at Simpangan Temple which located in Batanbuah Kaja, Beraban village. While Ida Bethara Saren Kaja its place at Jero Mangku Pandak Gede which located in Pangkung, Pandak Gede village. Penyineban ceremony led by Jero Mangku Gede of Tanah Lot Temple.

All of procession of penyineban ceremony accompanied by tetabuhan gong kebyar. Gong is a set of balinese traditional castanets which usually used if there is religious ceremony. The member  of this balinese traditional castanets amount to 45 person which is  merged into sekaa gong (=group).