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 Legislative elections in Tanah Lot and all area in Indonesia held today on 9 April 2009. Over 60 parties registered for the elections, but only 34 originally met the eligibility requirements. However, on 15 August, following a successful legal challenge, another four parties were permitted to join the contest, making 38 in total. The election campaign began on 12 July 2008 and will run until 5 April 2009 followed by a “quiet period” of three days, during which all election posters, banners and other materials must be removed from public places. The legislative will take place on 9 April, with results to be announced one month later. The new members of the Regional Representatives Council and the People’s Representative Council will be sworn in on 1 October.

Although the election campaign began on 12 July 2008, before 16 March it was limited to invitation-only meetings, advertisements in the media and the distribution of campaign materials. The public campaign will run to 5 April 2009. Participants in the campaign are banned from calling into question the ideological or constitutional basis of the state as well as its form as a unitary republic.

Not long after the election legislative The Presidential election will be held soon after sometime in September 2009 to be confirmed. This April 09, citizens of Indonesia will first elect their favorite politician (known as CALEG in Indonesia = Calon Legislative) to represent the people as representatives for the area / city as DPRD (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah).

Couple’s President and Vice President proposed by political parties or a combination of the political party General Elections Member of the Board of Representatives in 2009. Couple’s President and Vice President who get the vote of more than 50% of the vote in the general election with at least 20% vote in each province in which more than half the number of provinces in Indonesia, to be appointed President and Vice President. If no President and the Vice President is selected, the first and second candidates who get most votes in general election, will be elected by the people directly. The Candidate who gets the most votes, will be appointed as President and Vice President.