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Tanah Lot Sunset PDF Print E-mail

 If you like to see the sunset, it is good for you to visit the tanah lot temple. Almost every day except rainy or cloudy you will find what people say amazing. here is the amazing scene at sunset. Where you can see the sunset at tide water, or also you can see the sunset at low tide if you happened to come at that time. Both conditions have their respective advantages. If you come at low tide, you will be able to see and take pictures of tanah lot temple with sunset background right up close beside the temple. Besides that, you can also get closer to the source of holy water. You can ask the guards there to sprinkle holy water to you while praying for salvation to the God. It is an experience that you will never forget. If you come at high tide you will find a different scene, where you will be able to see Tanah Lot is tucked in the middle of the sea.

Balinese Souvenir in Tanah Lot Art Market PDF Print E-mail

DSC_3526Is your day incomplete without a shopping trip? Then Tanah Lot is the vacation spot for you! There are art markets in the area where you can buy just about anything your heart desires, from sarongs to jewelry, furniture to statues, little gift items to new bed frames…there is a Tanah Lot market for everything. Prices are great but if you want to bargain for a better deal go right ahead. And there are some balinese souvenir that provide in Tanah Lot art market.

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