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  Tanah Lot as a tourist attraction famous for tourists both domestic and foreign, besides known for his beautiful panorama and sunset is also famous for its art market. Tourists who visit Tanah Lot, other than to enjoy the beauty of the sunset, too many are used the time to shopping at the art market. Tanah Lot art market with a wide enough variety of products Balinese handicrafts. Souvenir shops lining ranging from parking to the side of the road to Tanah Lot.


Many options handicraft products which can be found in the art market Tanah Lot. Starting from garment products to handicraft products made of wood, bamboo, silver, clay, and various kinds of other interesting accessories. In addition to typical Balinese handicrafts are also stores various famous brand clothing such as Billabong, Quiksilver, and others.

Handicraft products are the most popular shirt dresses which contains writings about Bali such as the activities of the Balinese, images of Balinese life, and other things about the culture of Bali. T shirts are very popular with domestic tourists, especially the group of students visiting Tanah Lot. There are several shops selling these shirts with a variety of different creativity. Other handicraft products are favored by many travelers are various accessories made of wood or bamboo as a statue various interesting shapes made as souvenirs.

The skill of bargaining is essential when we want to purchase something in the Tanah Lot art market. There is no fixed price; the best buyer is the one who get the cheapest price. The merchants usually have many ways to attract the buyers; the merchants will give their gegarus (initial offer) which usually has lower price than the normal price. However, we do not know for sure whether it is really cheaper or higher than the normal price. If we further bargain, they may say that they slightly mark-up the price just for a ‘fee’ of waiting in the shop. This may be the so-called ‘dialect of traditional art markets.’ For foreign visitors, they may offer a ‘morning price’ even though the visit is not made on that morning.