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surfing1Beach boys is a suitable name that appropriate for younger people in Tanah Lot which often to the beach to surfing. Tanah Lot has given a magical gift to the global surfing community. That gift is surf! Like a magnet, Tanah Lot's surf has attracted the world's best surfers to ride and discover Tanah Lot's best-kept secret. Today, Tanah Lot is one of the front door for hardcore surfers setting to explore the many excellent quality waves throughout the rest of Bali. Before they head off to discover the surf of Java, Sumbawa, Lombok or the Mentawai Islands, they should never overlook the quality and perfection of Tanah Lot's surf.

Tanah Lot have it's own character and can get very good; the best sports are Batu Bolong and Enjung Galuh coasts. This is the area of beach and surf where tourists, inexperienced with surfing and the ocean, have their first contact with the surf.

Be warned, as this area can be dangerous when the swells get big and the beach have many sharp rocks at the base. Swim between the red and yellow flags and follow the instructions from the lifeguards. Experienced surfers should also exercise care and show respect to the local Balinese surfers.


The younger people who surfing in Tanah Lot are people who have had experience in surf sports. So the foreign tourists will not have to worry about his safety while surfing. Many of the tourists who surf at Tanah Lot will be back surfing there. Because the waves in Tanah Lot, good enough to do this sport.

Surfing at Tanah Lot is usually dependent on the good or bad waves. This sport is usually done when the sea water will rise. This surf sports can be done in the morning or late afternoon. But usually this surf sports demand more in the afternoon. Because in addition to exercise surfing, surfers can also enjoy the beautiful sunset at Tanah Lot.