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Clean on Friday at Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

Active ImageToday at Tanah Lot area there is clean activity on friday. This activity is represent one of programs of "Kelompok Sadar Wisata" committee which have been structured last day. The activity named clean on friday, and followed by all Kelompok Sadar Wisata Surya Chandra committee including merchants which exist at Tanah Lot Tourism Object. Clean on friday start at 7 AM and finish at 8 AM. The area which have been cleaned are parking area, and all Tanah Lot Object area. This activity will doing continue every month to increase the awareness of society in beraban village and Tanah Lot area to keep our environment clean.


Sweeping started from parking areal of Tanah Lot Tourism Object and directly go to empty farm which exist in south side area. On this area, all plant which have been growth wildly, neatened used the scythe so that not bother the environment. Later, then go  to Tanah Lot Temple area and to artshop which exist in that areal until corners of resident house that exist in there. Women bring broom, while mans bring scythe. All garbage collected, besides plant which have bothered environment neatened.


The Daily Life of Tanah Lot People PDF Print E-mail

The Tanah Lot people, especially those who follow the Hindu religion, are a unique people. There uniqueness is event more apparent when it is adapted to the lifestyle of the third millennium. As a krama, or as a member of a village attending a traditional meeting in the village, a Tanah Lot people can appear ‘nyaput’, wearing their traditional costume, even is just previously, they may have been in a meeting business partner, wearing neck-ties and suit in an exlusive hotel. It is also normal for a supple, beautiful tanah lot girl, who dances at the banjar or at the temple, or even in a hotel could have been panting the wall of the building, or selling marchandise at the market in sweatpants, that same afternoon.

From examples like these, it may seem as if the people of tanah lot live with two diferent personalities. But, in reality, they look at this as a way a carrying out there daily life, or as an effort in cultivating their karma. Tingkah manut swadarma, or conduct according to one’s position, is a teaching that is held strongly by most tanah lot people in carrying out there karma. Because of this, it is very possible that a girl who works as a shopkeeper, whose existence is nothing significant amongst the crowd in te market, may be the centre of attention as a dancer of the Rejang at the time of worship in a ritual held at the temple


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