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If we visit The Art Market of Tanah Lot Tourism Object, we will find some balinese drink merchant. It is called Brem Bali. Brem Bali is the most popular traditional drinks in bali. Most of balinese used brem bali for religious ceremony (Panca Maha Bhuta ceremony) when they offerings devoting to the God and other. Brem, pronounced "brum", is rice wine. It can be bought commercially, but also home made.

It is a pleasant drink and can be drunk neat, over ice or mixed with arak. It is sweet and is made from glutinous rice or sticky rice (as it is also called). The rice is cooked for hours. Yeast is added. It is then allowed to ferment for three days, whereupon the brem drains into a pan. There are commercial factories, but the taste is not so good. It is not exported. The merchant at Art Market of Tanah Lot Tourism Object also sell brem bali with price about Rp. 10.000 until Rp. 50.000. And the buyer usually balinese which need it for religious ceremony.