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Active ImageYesterday, January 23th, 2008 which exact with Galungan Day, at Tanah Lot Temple there are "tirthayatra" by hinduism people from Songan village, Kintamani Bangli, Bali leading by Mangku Subagi as the priest of Tanah Lot Temple. They  plan to spending the night (mekemit) at Tanah Lot Temple and will be back to their village the day after. Tanah Lot Temple usually as main temple for Hinduism people to pray every time. Because function of Tanah Lot Temple as one of Dang Kahyangan Temple in Bali. And according to belief, that Tanah Lot Temple having many mysterious thing that not been known yet. Tirthayatra is one of the sacred duties of the Hindus.

The Balinese make this journey to innumerable spots in Bali or even, if possible, beyond Bali. Almost no hindrance such as crossing a spreading sea or climbing a mountain can impede their intention from doing this spiritual journey. Their journey is self-organized under their clan family or customary village, except for destinations located beyond Bali like Lumajang (East Java) and Mount Salak (West Java) which are usually organized by local travel agents.

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