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Pilgrimage, especially to the temple is an indispensable part of Balinese culture and religion. There is an indescribable joy in every Balinese face when they head to the temple especial a far off temple. It is always chance of a life time since death comes at anytime, and we never know whether this pilgrimage will be the last or not. There are several kinds of temple pilgrimage that are executed by the Balinese. The most common pilgrimage is “maaturan”, a pilgrimage to pay homage to a temple when there is an odalan (temple anniversary) is held.


At Tanah Lot Temple, hundreds thousands of pilgrimages with beautiful offering will flock to the temple to show their gratitude and deliver silent prayers to the god. When a ceremony such as "Odalan" is held in Tanah Lot temple, all Balinese is required to come at least each family is supposed to send a representative if the entire family cannot make it. 


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