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OP2014We have been leaving this year and get a new year 2015 where there are many thing that we had done in this year and perhaps it would be better in the future. So in Bali there many event entertainments that has and will be present at this end of the year from parade, exhibition, culinary, music concert, and many others. That all entertainment is purpose first to anniversary new year 2015 and the second one is to attract tourism intention to come visited Bali.

In Tanah Lot, to celebrate the new year eve, will held an Open House start from December 23-25, 2014 on 9 AM until 7 PM in front of management office. And will entertaint with Joged Bungbung dance. This year is a little bit different with last year, because Open House will held before Christmas eve. And last year, this event was held on new year. Purpose of this event are increase the sense of kinship and solidarity among employees and the company,  and to provide reciprocal service from the company to tourism stake holders,  providing services to the guide or drivers who lead tourists to visit Tanah Lot, and receive suggestions or inputs to be considered in the context of improving services.

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