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Pebruary 2016 Highlights in Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

templeaPebruary 4, Sugian Jawa, is the ceremonies that are performed to cleanse the bhuana agung (the environment of the individual human being, or macro-cosmos) and the bhuana alit (the micro-cosmos or the inner world of the individual human being) of negativity, and at the same time to create awareness of one's sacred inner power. The three Sugian ceremonies are (sequential). The word jawa here is equal to the word jaba (= 'outside') and refers to the bhuana agung or macro-cosmos, which is the environment of the individual human being (the counterpart of the inner world of the individual human being, the micro-cosmos or bhuana alit).

Galungan in Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

kuningan3For Balinese in Tanah Lot, Galungan is always full of joy. Galungan is celebrated by Tanah Lot people as the victory of virtue (DHARMA) upon evil (ADHARMA) when the entire island brightened with festivities and ceremony. On the Galungan day, most Tanah Lot people will return to their own ancestral home at some stage during the day, even if they work in another part of the island. Tanah Lot people believe that on this day family ancestors come back to rest in respective family temple. Failed to attend the ceremony in his / her family temple will be a great shame for Tanah Lot people. As well as the family temple, visits are made to the village temple with offerings as well.

Based on Purana Bali Dwipa (Old History of Bali Island) Scripture, the first Galungan ceremony was celebrated in 882 AD, the celebration was held regularly (every 210 days) for three centuries.



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