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Playing kite is very popular in younger generation, because of the power and sense of friendship in which be formed kite player group (sekaa layangan). Now days, playing kite is expending, children and younger boy played this kite as hobbies, besides as culture preservation. The meaning of playing kite full of religious valve and society life of Balinese people, and this can we see from the symbol of "Sang Hyang Rare Angon" as the god of wind. It made a special interesting for the tourist, as an attraction to Tanah Lot especially and Bali generally. Regarding of the "Tanah Lot Kites festival 2007" we are honored to invite you to visit this event and spend memorable three days to enjoy the festival with Tanah Lot temple backgrounds one of famous destination in the islands of paradise, Bali.

The theme of Tanah Lot Kites Festival 2007 is "Flying for Peace" and with new brand "Giant Kites Show", and this festival will take place three days.

Tanah Lot Kites Festival will be opened with artistic performance "Okokan and Tektekan 1500" dancer that will showed by 1500 dancer.

Registration Kites : August 14th to September 20th, 2007

Day / Date             : September 28th to September 30th, 2007

Venue                   : Tanah Lot Bali

The type of kites, as follow :


It have the form of fish, as a symbol of property, in which fish is important for our life either for ceremony or daily needed for our meal, and there are abundant in our surrounding either at the sea, river, on the lake even the rice field.


It’s a special kite, with a long tail about 200m and it has a special colour : red, black, white (Tri Datu), in Hindu religions as a symbol of “Benawang Nala/Naga Besuki “ which is mean “ the equilibrium of the universe”.


This kite has form like a carved, as a symbol of positive and negative ( good and bad ) but they should be needed each other and together making unity forever.

New Creation

It has a special form, which is adjust to the owner to developing their idea, creativity, and innovation

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