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Active ImageThe first Balinese storytelling competition held this morning in Tanah Lot to celebrate the 9th anniversary of Operational Management of Tanah Lot. This competition followed by 14 participants from elementary school students in Kediri district. Balinese story telling competition start on 9 AM and finish on 12 PM. Many different types of stories are told. Some traditional stories include monsters. Some stories tell how animals got their names or teach lessons about the physical world. Many stories include a moral or lessons. Some stories – for instance many creation stories – are sacred and can only be told by certain people, at certain times of the year and/or in specific settings.

Besides reviving a dying tradition, the competition gives students the opportunity to enhance their skills in storytelling. Awards and prizes are used to recognize that student achievement. All students will have up to 15 minutes to tell their  stories, but only a few will probably need the full 15 minutes.

All participant followed with enthusiastically. Assesment criteria based on some criteria such as performance, intonation, tone, expresi, and improvisasi. Each participant try to showing their best performance because all participant want to be the winner. At 12 PM, all jury doing meeting to determining the winners. The winners will take the prizes on July 1st, 2009 when Tanah Lot anniversary celebration held.