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 Fishing is one sport that is not so much out of energy and mind. Tanah Lot Temple on the beach during the afternoon until the evening, many local residents do this activity. Usually fishing fans at Tanah Lot is a local community Beraban or from other villages close to Tanah Lot. They consider this activity is not merely a hobby, but this activity can also remove a sense of saturation they experience at work or routine. Equipment they use are not so many and such simple enough: fishing, poping, spining hoist, ropes, bait, dungki (where to put the fish).

Common type of fish they get different as red snapper, grouper and sometimes there is also a shrimp and lobster. And if they get the lobsters, they are usually sold to local restaurants such as restaurants or restaurant Melasti The Ocean. But there were also these fishing activities in the morning from 6 am to 9 am, but at the time of this activity is sea water conditions should be in a state of tides and waves are quite calm, aim to fish the big things that came out a lot and do not interfere by big waves. The most appropriate location for this activity is in the temple area because the place Enjung Galuh pretty quiet and comfortable and most fish.