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 The statue is one branch of art whose work three-dimensional shape. Usually created by carving, modeling ( with clay) and by casting (mold). Tanah Lot in itself often found carving sculpture made from different kinds of wood, usually of wood that is widely used types of Ebony wood and Albasia wood. The hands of craftsmen, woods carved in a way that formed a statue. Then the statues are marketed through the art market in Bali, including the art market in Tanah Lot tourism object. Tourists visiting the Tanah Lot many feel attracted by the uniqueness of these statues, not even some of them came to buy directly with high enough price.

Sculptures which are sold mostly on the art market patterned ground typical  Tanah Lot Bali, such as the form of Barong, Garuda Wisnu Kencana and others. There is also a contemporary style. To add a collection of traders, sculpture in various shapes and sizes are sometimes accidentally brought  from outside as like Yogyakarta and other regions, but in general these sculptures mostly from Bali, because tourists from abroad who prefer a statue of the original Bali sculptor's. That's because the statue has its own characteristics which have a distinctive Bali motif very thick.  

The sculptures are sold most distinctive Bali design is decorated with Bali  motifs carved. Most tourists feel very satisfied with their statues to buy, and even foreign tourists are also many who are interested to buy the sculpture collection in addition they already have.