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Rejang dance is one of rareness and unique dance in Bali because this dance usually danced when there are religious ceremony. Rejang dance must perform when there are ceremony at Tanah Lot Temple. Rejang dance that usually perform at Tanah Lot Temple is Rejang Dewa. Ceremony at Tanah Lot Temple is every "Buda Wage", every six month according to balinese calendar. Rejang dance is a dance that have a graceful and simple motion, danced by women ( choice from various age) conducted by teaming or group in the temple at the time when ceremony taking place. Rejang dance usually accompany with balinese music named "Gong Kebyar" or "Gong Gede". Rejang dance by balinese people divided into some kind or type according to : social status of dancer named Rejang Deha that is rejang dance that danced by young girl.

Way of attraction named Rejang Renteng that is danced with holding each other shawl, and accoridng to theme and tools of its dance especially headdress named Rejang Dewa.  In Tenganan village, in "Aci Kasa" ceremony danced Rejang Palak dance, Rejang Mombongin dance, Rejang Makitut dance, and Rejang Dewa dance that accompanied by balinese music named "Selonding" which is in each Rejang dance, can be seen the difference from the symbols and sakral object that brought by the dancer, motion pattern, way of attraction, and its clothes.