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 Tumpek holidays embodies the tradition of environmental consciousness. Besides Pengatag Tumpek known as the day to cleanse the plants, Balinese people is also known the Tumpek Kandang glory days for the animals.

Today Saturday (2 / January 2010), coinciding with Wuku Kliwon Üye Saniscara, human Bali again celebrate Tumpek Kandang. On this day the people of Bali will be held a special ceremony to animals, especially pets. So many sights to offer breeders offerings for beef or pork.

Tumpek Üye true mean as holy sacrifice for all types of animals in this universe like a class sato, mina, pivot, Manuk, and gumatap-gumitip. The goal is to give birth to the next of animals spirit can increase the quality of life level (penyupatan).

However, penyupatan rate is not only for animals in a physical sense in the great Bhuwana (the universe), but also intangible attributes of an existing animal in man (Bhuwana alit). This meaning is seen from the reference Tumpek Üye as Tumpek Kandang. Tumpek Kandang named are apart from dynamic calculations (day). Saniscara (Saturday) is considered to have urip 9, wara kliwon has urip 8 and Wuku Üye also has urip 8. If added together, Saniscara Kliwon Üye has urip 25. If the two numbers added together, get the number 7. Based Tattwa Samkhya, 7 days a urip considered a tattoo on a character who aligned with the character of sato (animal).

In fact, in everyday life, humans are also often consuming meat derived from animals. Therefore, the elements of animals have been residing also in the human body. All this also brings a lot of influence on nature, nature and human character. Therefore, human beings have conceived in the Hindu character of Tri Guna; satwam, rajas and tamas.
Therefore, the holy day Tumpek Kandang, people should cleanse themselves; neutralize (nyomya) animal powers within.

Outside of such a conception of religion, the celebration of Tumpek Kandang  can be viewed as a statement of gratitude of human in Bali to the Creator who has held a variety of fauna in the world of this universe. Like plants, animals and have contributed countless services that no amount to sustain human life.

On this day at Tanah Lot there are one Temple which held it’s ceremonial in Tumpek Kandang, it’s named Pura Jero Kandang. Pura Jero Kandang located in the west of the Penyawang Tanah Lot Temple.