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When you think of Tanah Lot, what comes to your mind? If you’re like most people, the very name of the island evokes images of a peaceful tropical paradise where world-weary travellers come to relax and play far from the pressures of the modern world. But if you think of Tanah Lot as just a vacation spot, you might want to think again. Tanah Lot is fast gaining a reputation as one of the best places around to host business meetings and conventions.

Tanah Lot offers executive class accommodations, meticulous service and professional organizational and support expertise your business demands. Whether it’s a convention for a thousand or an intimate get together for a few key personnel, you will find your expectations not merely met but exceeded. And when the day’s work is done, there’s no better place to unwind than in the luxury of Tanah Lot's legendary attractions. In the mood for a round of golf? Tanah Lot boasts a course named one of the world’s top ten.

Searching for something more adventurous? Tanah Lot has it all, from bungee jumping to white water rafting, from mountain treks and climbs to surfing, sailing and some of the best diving anywhere. Just looking to get away from all your worldly worries? Tanah Lot offers the ultimate in grace and tranquility at its five star resorts and boutique hotels, where nothing less than perfection is the standard of service. And for those seeking a truly special experience, Tanah Lot’s world-renowned spas blend the best of modern technology with ancient secrets to create treatments that bring mind and body, senses and spirit back into alignment, revitalizing you for another round of business.


Worried that the office number crunchers will raise eyebrows when they hear your plans to hold your next meeting on the paradise island? Reassure them with some facts. Tanah Lot is a surprisingly affordable place to do business, with rooms, meeting space and business services available at a fraction of the cost of comparable facilities elsewhere. And with exchange rates still quite favorable to Western travellers, your company could save quite a bit. Not only cost but quality is drawing more and more business people to Tanah Lot. The island boasts more international standard hotels than anywhere else in the region, and an infrastructure that offers the best in modern technology. Tanah Lot provides world class phone, fax, cellular and Internet communications, and professional support services guaranteed to meet your demanding expectations. The next time you think business, think Bali! You’ll be making the smart choice.