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natalToday in December 25th, Christian people throughout the world celebrate the Christmas holidays. Similarly Christian people in Bali, although the majority of Balinese are Hindus, but they still respect each other. Christmas celebrations centered in the churches around where they live. Christmas celebration is a celebration to commemorate the birth of Lord Jesus Christ, the purpose and objectives of the coming of Jesus into this mortal world, that is to save mankind from sin and Jesus came to earth with a clear goal: to serve and provide for human life.

Tourist crowded at Tanah Lot. From morning already seen a lot of buses parked in the parking area of Tanah Lot. They have tourists who come together as a group party school student and his entourage of government agencies. There was also a coming together with family using a private car.

They generally come from various areas outside Bali such as Surabaya, Malang, Lamongan, Yogyakarta, Jakarta and other regions in Indonesia.

Many activities they can do during the holidays at Tanah Lot. Like taking photograph, sitting down while enjoying the panorama, shopping in art market and any other. If they want to take the picture, there are some best angle in Tanah Lot area such as, from Enjung Galuh, Sunset Terrace, Tanah Lot Temple area, and Batu Bolong area. Among them were admitted for the first time came to Tanah Lot, and said that the panorama of Tanah Lot temple good looking with a unique look. There also are claimed to have several times come to Tanah Lot. Each came to Bali, they certainly took time to visit Tanah Lot. Because they want to see the panorama of Tanah Lot with a beautiful sunset.