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Tanah Lot, one of the top destination in Bali offers many beautiful and interesting places to visit. Below are some “a must visit place” in Tanah Lot out of dozens interesting places there.

Active ImageTanah Lot Temple, It is also called Tanah Let which means ancient land and also Tanah Lod, which means the land to the south. The temple Pura Tanah Lot, simple in its construction, is dramatic in its ocean-front location and is one of the main temples in the worship of Balinese gods. Tanah Lot has a long history in the world of tourism.

The temple itself is built on a small promontory which is only accessible at low tide. During high water the rock takes on the appearance of a large boat at sea, such is its shape.

Sunset Terrace, Sunset Terrace is located in front of Tanah Lot Temple, where you can find unforgettable moment of Sunset in Tanah Lot. The visitor can find this place by walked as long as pathway that close with Tanah Lot Temple area. In this place you will find restaurant with complete fasility, puppets painting museum, money changer, and many balinese gift outlets.

Sunset Terrace is one place in Tanah Lot area provides the perfect setting to create the unforgettable moment of sunset. With beautiful panorama, you could enjoy luxurious breakfast and lunch. You could relax with your favorite meal or beverages also you could enjoy the panorama of Tanah Lot Temple when the water was of tide.

Enjung Galuh Temple, located near Jero Kandang Temple to be exact at Enjung Galuh, “NJUNG” wich is rock stick out in to the sea. Enjung Galuh Temple was built to pray for the Goddess of prosperity “Dewi Sri” as the power (Shakti) of “Dewa Wisnu” (God Manifestation as The Protector). The villagers pray requiring the fertility of the plants and rice-plant for the achievement of the prosperity in their life. The Ceremony of Enjung Galuh Temple is every Rabu (Wednesday) Umanis, Wara Medangsia according to Balinese calendar. Enjung Galuh area also one of best angle to watch sunset.

Batu Bolong Temple, located 100 meters in the west side of Enjung Galuh Temple, to be exact at Enjung Batu Bolong, which is the rock that stick out in to the sea was hollow (bolong). Batu Bolong Temple was built to pray God for holiness. Enjung Batu Bolong area is a place that always used to held Melasti Ceremony and Pakelem Ceremony, where the meaning of both Ceremonies is to purify the world. Batu Bolong beach usually visited by surfer to surfing in the morning and evening before sunset time.

Holy Snakes, only can find in Tanah Lot Area. Believe or not, from mythology analizing prove that snake's nest just finded in Tanah Lot Area not in other place. People or villager said that sea snakes (holy snakes) in Tanah Lot Temple are not danger. Because until today there are no victim bite by holy snakes. Right now the visitor could see holy snakes in Tanah Lot. It is located in front (North) of Tanah Lot Temple. The place like caved, and you must entered the caved to see and find them. But before entered the caved, you will meet the guard and you just ask them to showing the snakes take place. After you see the holy snakes, you can touch them and required some bless from guard from happiness and faithfully.

Tanah Lot Art Market, for all of visitors who wants to buy any gift especially Balinese Art gift. You could choose many kinds of gift, for example shirt, sarong, hat, sandal, merchandise, painting statue, neckless, balinese kites, and other gift with Balinese style. Tanah Lot Art Market located in surrounding Tanah Lot like in parking area and as long as areal go to Tanah Lot Temple. Most of merchants (shop owner) are from Beraban Village. And some are from outside Beraban Village. In this market, price of any gift usually multifarious depended of kind of gift, form of gift, materials and difficulty level.