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Active ImageContinued meeting on May 2nd, 2008 pass, today there is meeting of tourism organization which named "Kelompok Sadar Wisata" which exist in Tanah Lot Tourism Object. Meeting perform at 9 AM and taking place at "wantilan" Pakendungan Temple Tanah Lot. This meeting attended by all committee of "Kelompok Sadar Wisata" which have been structure before consist of "Bendesa Adat Desa Pakraman" Beraban, Adviser, Gst. Gde Aryadi, I Made Sujana, and many more. This meeting narating about preparation of new committee to  greeting tourism organization competition which will perform on next july and will followed by nine tourism object that exist in Bali.


On that moment, also giving some suggestion and idea for tourism organization development. And also for the next development of Tanah Lot area. Suggest, the tourism organization "Kelompok Sadar Wisata" will become one organization which will develop Tanah Lot Tourism Object and also supporting by Operational Management. Hope, with actively return of tourism organization will make Tanah Lot Tourism Object more developing and also will increase amount of visitor to Tanah Lot. This competition performed by Bali's province and the purpose is to improving awareness from each stake holder in each tourism object in order to supporting Visit Indonesia Year 2008 event.


The assessment will perform  indirectly by special team. The team will performing inspection to each tourism object which follow the competition and assesment will focus on seven base of tourism usually called "Sapta Pesona" that are, Safety, Orderliness, Comportable, Beauty, Ruthless, Cleanliness, and Ruthless. All item must applied in every tourism object in Bali. Participant also giving their comment on that time. Meeting held successfull. All activity have done at 12 PM after breaking time.