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Active ImageMinistry of Culture and Tourism in Bali, introduced the Tourism Awareness Group Competition on July 10th, 2008. In line with the Government policy on developing national tourism destinations to Bali, this program as one of the developing program to improve amount of visitor to Bali. Therefore, Tourism Awareness Competition was aimed to increase knowledge and understanding ability of the participating competition which consist of many tourism object from each regency in Bali about the characteristics and uniqueness of Bali tourism attractions.


Theme of tourism awareness competition is to increase tourism service in order to success the "Visit Indonesian Year 2008 program".  While purpose of this competition are to activating Tourism Awareness group as governmental partner in order to increase society awareness in tourism, to motivating Tourism Awareness group in order to executing its duty and function, and to increase tourism human resource and quality of tourism product in oder to increase competitiveness and curing Bali's tourism. Some aspect to asses are administration aspect, physical aspect, human resoursce aspect, and activities aspect base on "Sapta Pesona".


While assesment team are come from some government department in Bali such as Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Regional Office of Ministry of Religion Department, Majelis Agung Desa Pekraman, Bali's Police Department, and Tourism College Nusa Dua. Technical of competition are assesment team come to each tourism object as delegation group including doing interview about the knowlegde of human resource from Tourism Awareness group.