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Tanah Lot Spectacular 2008 have been strated from yesterday. Three events on one day perform yesterday, such as run competition "Tanah Lot 10 K 2008", dance performing "Okokan and Tektekan Colossal", and kites festival "Tanah Lot Kites Festival 2008". In the morning, held run competition which started at Kediri and finish at Tanah Lot Bali. The competition which use theme "Run for Peace" opened by Bali's Governor "Made Mangku Pastika" and consorted by Head Master of Tabanan Regency "N. Adi Wiryatama". Tanah Lot 10 K 2008 followed by 8695 of runner both national atlet, student from Bali, public, and also foreigner. All participant already stand by at start area on 5 AM to do renew-registration. Then run competition started at 7 AM after Made Mangku Pastika hands up the 10 K flags as a sign that Tanah Lot 10 K already started.


After arrive at Tanah Lot, all participants and invitation then going to Surya Mandala Cultural Park to follow the next event that is performance of Okokan and Tektekan Colossal 1500 dancer which will opened the Opening Ceremony  of Tanah Lot Kites Festival 2008. But before, announced winners for run competition and also there are entertainment from some Bali's local artist such as Johhny Agung, Double T feat Mang Gita, and Dewi Pradewi. Tanah Lot 10 K 2008 divide on two categories there are, public (men and women) and student (men and women). For public categories (men) wins by Jauhari Johan from Bank Sumsel (30.19.59), Ari Suandana from Lokomotif Salatiga (30.29.31), and Veri from Pengalengan, West Java (31.01.18). For public categories (women) wins by Rianingsih from Salatiga (36.21.07), Novita Andriani from Salatiga (36.40.71), and Unik Styori from Salatiga (37.20.95).


After that, on 10 AM there is performance from Okokan and Tektekan Colossal dance with 1500 dancer. This art performance use theme "Going to Tabanan as Bali's Taksu 2010". This dance performance likes fragment which combined with Barong and Rangda dance with 14 sekaa or group. Okokan and tektekan colossal dance, showed by 1500 dancer and almost come from farmer society. Okokan and tektekan which are native tradition of Tabanan regency expresses traditonal living as Bali’s largest rice producer. The performance inaugurating the whole event will be followed by Tanah Lot Kite Festival 2008.


Besides of that, additionally kite surfing and boogie kites will also conducted to add extra attractions. Kite surfing is a combination of power kite flying, windsurfing, paragliding and wakeboarding. The sport needs a good grounding in the use of power kite flying skills. Kitesurfing, uses wind power to pull a rider through the water on a small surfboard or a kiteboard (which is like a wakeboard). Generally kiteboarding refers to a style of riding known as free-style or wakestyle where as kitesurfing is more waveriding oriented. These two styles usually require different boards and specific performance kites.


And also there are competition of creation kites and taking place at Open Stage Surya Mandala Cultural Park Tanah Lot. This competition followed by 18 participants from local Bali such as from Nusa Dua, Sanur, Denpasar, and Tabanan. Also followed by foreign countries such as from Belanda, Malaysia, adn Germany. Creation kites competition started at 12 PM and finish at 2 PM. And now, until September 14, there will traditional kites competition (Bebean, Janggan and Pecukan) on 11 AM until 4 PM and followed by participants from local Bali.