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Active ImageEveryday there is a ceremony in Bali and particular days become special days for the Hindus in Bali. Just have a look on Saturday, 4 October 2008, for instance. According to the Balinese calendar, that day is called Tumpek Krulut. This festivity is solemnly appreciated as the creation day of mutual love and affection among human beings through gamelan instrument. Tumpek Krulut festivity, pursuant to the guidance in the Aji Gurnita lontar manuscript, is marked with the amalgamation of gamelan arts originating in all existing gong instruments.


Tumpek Krulut occurs in the 17th week, taking its name from the week of its occasion. On this special day offerings are given to pay homage to the musical instruments, masks, and dance costumes that are used in the numerous religious ceremonies in Bali. This ritual is inaugurated by the worship to the power of taksu (divine inspiration) existing in the Balinese gamelan prior to the nightfall. Celebration of Tumpek Krulut denotes a whole-hearted tribute to God in his manifestation as the Lord Shiva.

The instruments and other paraphernalia are decorated with young coconut leaf offerings, and holy water is sprinkled over them. Occasionally the members of the group that use the instruments, costumes and masks, draw together to say a prayer and be blessed also. There are some differences to this practice. In some regions of Bali, Tumpek Krulut is ignored, and homage is paid to these objects on the last Tumpek of the Pawukon.