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 Today, to celebrating Saraswati Day, at Tanah Lot Temple many balinese people praying in the morning until evening. They came from every area in Bali and most of them are students. They praying at Tanah Lot Temple after they praying at their school. The ritual ceremony leading by Mangku Subagi as the priest of tanah Lot Temple. Tanah Lot Temple usually as main temple for Hinduism people to pray every time. Because function of Tanah Lot Temple as one of Dang Kahyangan Temple in Bali. And according to belief, Tanah Lot Temple having many mysterious thing that have not been known yet.

First, they prepare the facilitate for praying like flower, kwangen, and frankincense. First, students pray with empty hand called "puyung". After that continued with use some flower with red and white color called "muspa", and then use kwangen which consist of some flower with multivarious color, and there is money above the flower called "sesari". Pray with kwangen is part of muspa. The last is pray with empty hand again to say thanks to the God of fluency and amenity which have been given. All process led by the priest.



After praying was done, then continued with required tirtha or holy water and bija or holy seed from the priest. Holy water and holy seed as symbol of award from the God to the hindus people. The holy water will spattered on counted four times to prayer. The first until third, holy water is drinked by prayer as symbol as cleaning the soul. But the fourth one is wash to the face as symbol as cleaning body. Last, students will give holy seed and put the holy seed at three piece of eyebrow, at neck and the last one at above of head. After all procession done, all student return and some of them  doing dana punia (fund) at the temple as well.