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Active ImageHoliday has come. As always happens almost every year, Tanah Lot Bali will be flooded by domestic tourist from Java and local bali for a full  month. So also from foreign country. So everyone will not gonna missed that great opportunity to go for holiday with the family and Tanah Lot Bali is one of the destination. Most hotels in surrounding Tanah Lot Bali are fully booked for the holiday period. In Tanah Lot Bali, crowded situation start seen on June 2009. Most of visitor are non-moslem people which came to Bali to go for holiday and some are foreign tourist such as Australian, Europe, Taiwan, Japan, Chinese, and more. Tanah Lot Bali management usually prepared it self to greeting the school holiday. All department specially security department which assisted with pecalang, parking department, ticketing department and public relation department already complete with their program.

Of course if visitor want to enjoy their holiday they must prepare them selves both financial and other facilities. How much money will spend per day in Tanah Lot Bali depends upon your tastes, the level of comfort you want, where you want to go, how you get there, and what season you traveling in. In high season Juli to August holiday, you will spend more money since the price of all tourist accommodation goes up a little bit. Asking how much Indonesian currency is worth in your home country money than feeling relieved and grateful for the cheap price, is dangerous for your budget. Think in rupiah. Think that the stuff you want to buy does not “just” a buck, it cost 9,000 rupiah.

Your trip to Tanah Lot Bali will not be a great moment if you are constantly obsessed with getting the cheapest price. Tanah Lot Bali is cheap by any foreign standard. Instead of paying Rp. 60,000, for a great meal many travelers pay Rp. 15.000 or less for a simple fired rice and soft drink.

Always carry enough small change and bills to pay for taxi or public transport driver and market sellers. If you pay with big bills they can use “out of change” pretext to charge you higher than the normal price or simply give you less money than they owe you.