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Active ImageOne day after the Saraswati Day, Sunday, October 2nd, 2014, it is turn for Balinese Hindu to clean their body and soul to take a bath together at the beach, lake or river. This process was very exciting and amazing because entire of beach in Bali including in Tanah Lot coast are fulfilled by the people. Alongside of coast, the societies gather while sitting around and some of them take a bath. This procession is started from the early morning until the day time and it is one of the interesting events that we need see once we are in Tanah Lot. Banyu Pinaruh is one of balinese culture procession which is aim to clean the body and soul from ugly influence.

This celebration is conducted Hindu resident in Tanah Lot in particular at the morning time. This celebration is common executed at the beach, lake or river. According to Balinese belief, by taking a bath which is more known by Banyu Pinaruh will be able to refresh the body and eliminate the sultry feeling from the routine activity. Banyu Pinaruh is held every six-month and it is executed one day after Saraswati Day.  Banyu Pinaruh is one of event entangling all society element from children until the old people and it is one of the event that tourist can see during the holidays in Bali.



Segara Kidul Tanah Lot is regularly visited by many hindus people on Banyu Pinaruh day. On regular days, catching fish becomes a daily routine for local fishermen group. However, on that day, hundreds of people seem to perform Banyu Pinaruh ritual. The activity takes place from early morning up to the night. Segara Kidul Tanah Lot has black sand. When the nightfall comes, the magnificence of sunset will present an amazing attraction.