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Yesterday, on Sunday, December 9th, 2007, at Tanah Lot Temple performed a ceremony called "Ngaturang Pekelem Nanggluk Merana". Purpose of this cremony is to preventing a crop pest including to avoiding human being from disease. This ceremony is perform by all of "Pekaseh" from Sub-district of Kediri and Tabanan regency. Pekaseh is a person who leading "Subak" (irrigating system that applied by farmer in Bali). This ceremony symbolized with some there are : Bebangkit asoroh, caru manca sato, pekelem, bebek putih (white duck), ayam putih (white hen), pis bolong, padi (paddy), pala bungkah, pala gantung.

"Ngaturang pekelem nanggluk merana" perform every tilem (full moon) sasih ke-6 according to balinese calendar. This ceremony perform every year at Tanah Lot Temple and Pakendungan Temple.