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Active ImageThere are lot of dances and drama performances that you can enjoy in Tanah Lot, if you just know where and when they are staged. The best way to find a free traditional dance or drama performance is to find a calendar of cultural event. There is always a performance of traditional dance or drama in the anniversary of a big temple. So all you have to do is check a calendar of event, go to a temple at the date of the temple anniversary, and wait for the show.

Simple but in reality it just not as simple as it seems. Though you have already get to the venue of the performance but you have to make yourself comfortable with Balinese time; to find the exact time of the performance is next to impossible, there will be a delay, maybe you have to wait for an hours or two, you can not hurry thing in Bali, everything will be done but takes a little more time. The performance usually begins in the evening around 7 or 8 PM but in some temples it may begins around 4 or 5 PM.


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