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lebaran1Fantastis...On third day of Idul Fitri, Tanah Lot full with 15.468 peoples. This is the  highest visit of visitor during Idul Fitri holiday. Vehicles must queue up to got parking place because parking area already full by vehicles. Crowded situation seen start from Astiti Graha at Batugaing Kelod with long vehicles queue. Idul Fitri is special day for moeslim people that is a celebration for the Moeslim people after 30 days of fasting. Beside of that, Idul Fitri is holiday for most people and time to visit family and  forgiving each other.

In Tanah Lot Bali, crowded situation start seen on Sunday, August 19th, 2012. Most of visitors are non-moslem people which came to Bali to go for holiday and some are foreign tourist such as Australian, Europe, Taiwan, Japan, Chinese, and more. Tanah Lot Bali management usually prepared it self to greeting the idul fitri day. All departments especially security department which assisted with pecalang, parking department, ticketing department and public relation department already complete with their program. This situation needed to keep all visitors which visit Tanah Lot Bali safety and comfort, said made Mr. Toya Adnyana as Operational Manager of Tanah Lot Bali. He said, all of his staff usually stand by and ready for greeting Idul Fitri and anticipating crowded situation in Tanah Lot Bali so that bad things will not happened.

In anticipation of Idul Fitri holidays, security officer have tightened security at Tanah Lot to prevent the place from any possible disturbances, including terrorist attacks. The security always keeping everyday, but for Idul Fitri and other holiday are more improved than the ordinary day. Start from entrance ticket gate, checking ticket, along of main road go to the temple, until Tanah Lot temple.

Thousands of people return home for Idul Fitri holidays, locally known as the mudik tradition. They usually flock to bus stations, airports and harbors a few days before the holidays. About 50 personnel include those from the security staff of Tanah Lot operational management,  Tanah Lot police officer, and the Pecalang. Tanah Lot plays an important role in the Bali island as one of major tourist destination. We have to carry out extra measures to anticipate any security problems, from petty crimes to terrorism.