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Nasi Jinggo: Cheap Balinese Favorite in Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

jinggoFor Tanah Lot people, although Bali serves internationally-acclaimed restaurants offering international favorites, those things cannot replace a traditional favorite. From 1980s up to now a fist of steamed rice completed with side dishes covered with banana leaves is still exist. Nasi Jinggo, the name for this traditional favorite, is the choice for those who only have coins but starving.

Nasi is Indonesian for steamed rice. Jinggo? Unfortunately, no one have an exact fact why this spicy traditional dish is called Jinggo. Some people said that Jinggo is derived from a renowned movie title “Djanggo” which was popular on that time. Others argue that Jinggo is originally from Hokkien dialect means 1.500, the price of Nasi Jinggo years ago. In the meantime some people believe that Jinggo is derived from the first consumers of Nasi Jinggo who are drivers and civilians in which Tanah Lot people call them “Jagoan”.

October 2014 Highlights in Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

templeaOctober 4, Saraswati, is celebrated by the Balinese people bringing offerings to their holy books and scrolls in their houses, while students celebrate it at school, usually in the morning, and the office-workers in their office. The philosophy of Saraswati day is that the most important thing for human life is knowledge.

October 5, Banyu Pinaruh, The day after Saraswati Day is Banyu Pinaruh day. "Banyu" means water and "Pinaruh" mean wisdom. In other words, we must have wisdom which always flows like water and which is useful for human kind. We pray for Dewi Saraswati (manifestation of God) to give us cleverness and wisdom. The people usually take a bath in the sea or a lake or river and drink traditional medicine which is made from many various leaves which is very good for our health. The philosophy of Banyu Pinaruh day is the second most important thing for human life is good health.


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