Bazzar to Celebrate Galungan in Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

 Many ways do by youth generation in Beraban village Tanah Lot to celebrate Galungan holiday for this time. Some of them celebrate with held a bazzar in each hamlet (banjar). As far as we know, in general bazaar is done by selling goods, foods, or sometimes items made by hand. It is normally sold with low price to attract people. The definition of the word “bazaar” is a sale of goods, often items made by hand, to raise money for a charity or for people who need help.

But there is a unique characteristic in new year bazaar in Beraban Tanah Lot. Bazzar held by the member of the banjar ( hamlet / ward ) in order to give its community a chance to spend their money for snacks since all food stalls were closed during that day. And not all food, drinks or goods were sold in high price to generate some profits and then the profit would be used to repair the hamlet or temple on that area. But with the passing of the time there is a different concept arises in carrying out the bazaar.

This was started by the young community in the Beraban village Tanah Lot itself when they need to raise money to support their activities such as to gain fund for the ogoh-ogoh festival or just to do their annual anniversary. They usually sell food and drink to the people by giving invitation card with incription of menus provided in the bazaar. It is common for the other hamlet to buy those cards for more than one million as the form of brotherhood among hamlets. And the distribution of the card is burdened to the member of the hamlet.