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April 2015 Highlights in Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

tumpekwayangtlApril 1st, Budha Kliwon Ugu, is a reocccuring auspicious day to pray for protection and a long and healthy life. At this day, which is also known as the Sang Hyang Ayu or Sang Hyang Nirmala Jati cleansing day, the Balinese Hindus pray for protection of the household and the entire world including all creatures that inhabit it. The ceremony is performed at the kumulan shrine of the family temple and the plankiran (wall temple) of the bedroom. The following sesajen are offered, a canang reresik wangi-wangian, a canang yasa, kernbang pepayasan, pusapa harum, asap dupa astanggi.

Surfer Mania in Batubolong Coast PDF Print E-mail

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Besides Tanah Lot Temple, in Tanah Lot there are one place which same interesting with other place in Tanah Lot area. This place located in the west of Tanah Lot Temple. Visitor can walked to reach this place while they enjoy the panorama of green garden as long as this area. This place called Enjung Galuh. In Enjung Galuh area, visitor can relaxing and enjoying panorama of the blue coast named Batubolong Coast in one place named "Bale Bengong" which provided with desk and chair. Batubolong Coast become favorite place for surfer mania to surfing. Every day, in the morning or evening there are so many surfer try to conquer wave of Batubolong Coast.



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