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Idul Fitri at Tanah Lot - Third Day PDF Print E-mail

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Located at the Beraban village, Tabanan regency, Bali 's southwestern coast, Tanah Lot is famous as the place of holiest temples on the island and the sunset above the Indian Ocean. The spectacularly placed Tanah Lot is possibly the best known and most photographed temple in Bali. Every day, Tanah Lot Tourism Object always fulfilled by visitor like domestic tourist and also foreigner. Yesterday is Third day of Idul Fitri. Yesterday Tanah Lot Tourism Object visited by 17.965 visitor both domestic and foreigner. If they visiting Tanah Lot Tourism Object, they will doing some activities like taking photograph, sitting down while enjoying the panorama, shoping in art market and any other. If they want to take the picture, there are some best angle in Tanah Lot area such as, from Enjung Galuh, Sunset Terrace, Tanah Lot Temple area, and Batu Bolong area. But tourist usually like to take the picture from Enjung Galuh area. Because from it place, you have seen Tanah Lot Temple so clearly.



Every visitor  which visit Tanah Lot Tourism Object usually doing different activities every day. From morning until evening before sunset time. When sunset not happened yet, visitor usually sitting on the rocks in front of Tanah Lot Temple while waiting the sunset. The rocks are favorite place for visitors to having sit while enjoying the panorama or taking the temple photograps. This place also nice location to take photographs with various style with your friend or family. But if sea water is high, this place not recommended by lifeguard team because can be dangerous for visitors.




Holy Water in Tanah Lot Temple PDF Print E-mail

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Based on existence contekstual, Tanah Lot Temple with its ocean named "Sagara Kidul" is source of holy water in bali called "Beji" of Watukaru Temple in Tabanan regency, there is around in coral island which become location of Tanah Lot Temple, there are two source of holy water. First, in the west of Tanah Lot Temple named "Beji Kelod" and second, in the north of Tanah Lot Temple named "Beji Kaler". Beji Kelod, is special as source of holy water for God (Ida Bhatara) in Watukaru Temple with all of prasanaka like, Ida Bathara in Pucak Kadaton Temple, Ida Bathara in Patali Temple, Ida Bathara in Wesi Kalung Temple, and Ida Bathara in Tamba Waras Temple.


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