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Yesterday is Anggara Kasih day. Anggara Kasih fall on Selasa Kliwon (Tuesday) according to balinese calendar. Some of balinese and javanese people assuming Anggara Kasih day is a sakral day. According to javanese folkfore, at anggara kasih day we may not travelling. And some of balinese people said, at anggara kasih, Bethara Siwa (God of Siwa) go down to earth. Because anggara kasih day fall nearby with Tilem or new moon on balinese belief. When anggara kasih, all of balinese people submitting offerings to the God to required safety and healthy life.


In Beraban village and Tanah Lot area, people usually sacrificing offerings at their house and some of temple which exist on their village. At Beraban village , exact with anggara kasih day there are "odalan" or temple anniversary at Bale Agung Temple which representing one of Sad Kahyangan Temple at Beraban village.