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Active ImageJoged Bumbung dance will be showed on Tanah Lot Art Festival 2009 in Tanah Lot Bali. The Joged Bumbung is one of the few, exclusively secular dances of Bali, during which the flashy-dressed joged dancer invites men from the crowd to dance with her in a pretence of seduction. The music is made with bumbung bamboo instruments. This is a dance highly popular with tourist groups. The dance begins with a long opening sequence of the female dancer. Then, her long shawl in the hand, she goes among the spectators and invites a man by pointing at him with her fan, or touching him at the waist. He enters the stage under the hoots and shouts of the crowd. Performances of Joged Bumbung are a way for Balinese society to relieve the burden and forget the stress of everyday life.

Joged is particularly popular due to its accessibility-it does not follow any story, it is spontaneous and it is interactive (involving volunteers from the audience, who attempt to out dance the female joged dancer, with varying success). For these reasons, joged bumbung has developed according to the needs and desires of the people.

The joged dancer wears simple attire, similar to that worn at ceremonies everyday in Bali -sarong, lacy blouse, a fan and a headdress. In performance, she attempts to attract men from the audience to dance with her and, as in previous Arts Festivals, always guarantees a full house. Due to such past enthusiasm, the four best groups from past Arts Festivals will appear in this year’s event.

The pengibing - the name given to the man invited to dance- is expected to be as good at goading as the joged girl. The better he is the louder the cheers and roar of the crowd. He may try to pinch her, dance hip to hip with her, or behave like an upset lover and try to hit her.