Rain, Tanah Lot Still Fulfilled by Visitor PDF Print E-mail

 Steamy conditions here in Tanah Lot with dark clouds drifting over. This condition happen start from yesterday until last morning. Later, most area in Bali specially and in Indonesia generally are cloudly and becoming rain long day. But the condition not influence amount of visitor to Tanah Lot. Visitor remain to be crowded as usual. Many bus start coming mostly represent external bus from outside Bali area especially from java. Although the air is very cold but visitor seen not too care with that situation.

This situation also gave profit for the merchant whom rent the umbrella. Many visitor later rent umbrella to remain to enjoy and walk along in Tanah Lot area. Umbrella renter usually stand by at ticket gate. When visitor alight from their vehicle, umbrella renter will easily to offer their umbrella. Although many Iodger of umbrella, but they remain to be orderly and not scrambling to look for visitor. Only with price Rp. 10.000, visitor can use that umbrella as long as satisfied in Tanah Lot area. And just returning for umbrella renter if visitor already done.


At the same time, sea water become a little dirty and sea waving also little high than usuall. Most of them shelter in places which exist in Tanah Lot like in Saka Empat, wantilan, and other place.  Estimate rain will happen until afternoon but will not so rapid and slow down will become cloudly and fair in the evening . Temperature ranging from 25 degree of celcius.