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Active ImageToday is Pengrupukan Day. All hindus people in Indonesia generally and Bali specially celebrate this day. In the morning in each household will perform tawur kesanga activity with pearuan in surrounding yard of the house. And in the afternoon, hindus people specially the youth organization will do the carnival that is ogoh-ogoh carnival. In Beraban village only two banjar make the ogoh-ogoh because Beraban village have been perform Karya Agung Ngenteg Linggih in Puseh Temple before, so that every banjar may not making ogoh-ogoh.  Unfortunately, for this year some regions in Bali apply a rule that forbid to make and hold the ogoh-ogoh parade.

Perhaps, the officials of those regions think that ogoh-ogoh party as the source of disturbances and dangers since many teenagers especially the young men have a tendency to get drunk while parading the ogoh-ogoh arousing a trouble or two or igniting firecrackers everywhere and everywhere that may harm someone else or ignite conflagration. But, do not worry others regions still do the tradition. They usually make Ogoh-ogoh (the fantastic monsters or evil spirits or the Butha Kala made of bamboo) for carnival purposes. The Ogoh-ogoh monsters symbolize the evil spirits surrounding our environment which have to be got rid of from our lives.

The carnivals themselves are held all over Bali following sunset. Bleganjur, a Balinese gamelan music accompanies the procession. Some are giants taken from classical Balinese lore. All have fangs, bulging eyes and scary hair and are illuminated by torches.The procession is usually organised by the Seka Teruna, the youth organisation of Banjar. When Ogoh-ogoh is being played by the Seka Teruna, everyone enjoys the carnival. In order to make a harmonic relation between human being and God, human and human, and human and their environments, Tawur Kesanga is performed in every level of society, from the people's house. In the evening, the Hindus celebrating Ngerupuk, start making noises and light burning torches and set fire to the Ogoh-ogoh in order to get the Bhuta Kala, evil spirits, out of our lives.