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 In order to welcome the Christmas holiday and New Year 2010, held at the Tanah Lot communal work activities to clean the area around Tanah Lot tourism object. This communal work activities performed starting from the 9 until December 13, 2009. Which follows the activities of this service projects are operational employees Tanah Lot tourism object, all committee Kelompok Sadar Wisata Surya Chandra Tanah Lot, and the art market traders in Tanah Lot.

Communal work this time focused on the art market area of Tanah Lot. On Wednesday, December 9, 2009 communal work of art market is held in blocks A, B, and C are located on the main road entrance to Tanah Lot tourism object. This activity starts from 07.00 AM till 09.00 AM. Every man and woman  use many equipment like broom and scythe. The woman collecting garbage which their broom, while the man, up trash in the gutter around the main street.  This part of garbage is favorite place for mosquito's larva which cause dengue disease. So that must be cleaned by burned. Hope, performed of this activity will be able to prevent disseminating of dengue disease and take care of society environment, still clean and hygienic.

With the holding of communal work activities is expected to provide a positive impact of improving hygiene and health in the environment. And this activity is expected to be conducted routinely in the environment Tanah Lot tourism object. This activity is in addition to cleaning, also to enhance friendship and cooperation between traders and all communities in Tanah Lot.