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OP2014Operations management of the Tanah Lot tourist attraction will hold again an open house activity. This regular activity will hold each yearend and lasted for three days December 31, 2015 until January 2, 2016 located in front of Tanah Lot Management office. “It is an expression of gratitude to the actors and make tourism promotion as well,” said Operations Manager of Tanah Lot tourist attraction, I Ketut Toya Adnyana.

The event will take place in friendship and kinship. Each tour guide, travel agency or tourism player is welcome to enjoy refreshment and drinks. The atmosphere is getting more familiar when they will jazz up with the art of social dance in the form of Joged Bumbung. This dance presentation is very attractive to travelers, so that they will very fond of joining the dance.

Toya Adnyana said the Open House is mean to maintain social relationship between the tourist attraction management of Tanah Lot, tour leader and drivers who has contribute positively to the operations of Tanah Lot. The management also receive suggestions to improve the operations of Tanah Lot tourist attraction.

With the theme ‘Smile and Fun”, is expected to make all employees to smile and give a pleasant impression to the tourism actors (in this case the guide / tour leader and driver) while they are in the area of Tanah Lot. So that later they will be motivated to bring their guests visit to Tanah Lot.,” he added.
By synergizing between the quality of services, facilities and the existing stakeholders, Toya Adnyana assured the quality of Tanah Lot attraction would remain interesting. Equivalent to the festive Christmas and New Year, the tourist visit to Tanah Lot tourist attraction was also booming. “A few days before Christmas and New Year, Tanah Lot is always filled with visitors,” he said thankfully.

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