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 Tanah Lot, except as a tourist attraction is often used to perform religious activities. On the day Siwaratri two days ago there was activity undertaken by a group of students from the Mahendradatta University Denpasar. Activities they do to mean Siwaratri day where it start at 08.00am and located at Wantilan Tanah Lot. They came to Tanah Lot on a motorbike.

The types of activities that they conducted a clean up activities around wantilan Tanah Lot until in front of the temple which is do in the morning. While religious activities that they do is to pray together during the day at 12.00am, in the evening at 06.00pm, 12.00pm at midnight and the next day at 06.00am. In addition they also hold events to listen to the dharma wacana or discussion forum to discuss about religious issues and meditation of Siwaratri night. Activities discussions conducted in Wantilan Tanah Lot. After completion of discussion, they spent the night in Siwaratri to meditate in the temple Tanah Lot. All religious activities are led by the priest of Tanah Lot temple.

The next day coincided with Tilem Kepitu, in addition to those students who prayed to the Tanah Lot temple, there are also other pilgrims who pray. Because of this Tilem today is one of auspicious day to do tirta yatra or pilgrimage. The pilgrims had come from Tabanan regency and outside of Tabanan like Buleleng and Karangasem. They come as a group who are students of high schools that fill the holiday Siwaratri by doing Tirta Yatra to the temple in Badung, Tabanan, and Jembrana regency.