Special Day: Kliwon on Sunday in Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

 Yesterday was one day consecrated by Hindus, because yesterday was the day kliwon. Kliwon day is one of Balinese sacred day regarding  “PANCA WARA” system ( coming every 5 day), where all “BUTHAKALA” or ghosts spread out on street. Kliwon is the day that has these two influences at the same time. For that reason, Kliwon has magical power and there for is a special day in Tanah Lot.

On this day extra offerings are made in the house compound, and offerings are placed at the front entrance gate on the ground. Hindus make offerings of segehan dedicated to the Bhuta Kala not to interfere. Balinese people must give them “sesaji” (dish of food offered), in order all Butha Kala or ghosts do not disturb humans being. Because this kliwon day there are two positive and negative forces that affect the earth. So this segehan is addressed to Bhuta Kala to balance the power of the positive and negative.

Segehan is a special offering made of rice in five colors: red, black, white, yellow, and mixed colors, with salt, onion and ginger being laid on the top. All are arranged in a certain fashion and put on a plant leaf. Segehan and its essentials are presented to the supernatural forces to avoid disturbance to the harmonious relationship of man with nature.

In Tanah Lot yesterday seen a lot of Hindus who worship at the temple Tanah Lot. Hindus who come to pray Tanah Lot temple for sightseeing and enjoy the panorama of Tanah Lot too. They come from various areas in Bali with Balinese traditional clothes. Also seen trader around the art market bring offerings that segehan they put in every temple around Tanah Lot. After that, they also went to Tanah Lot temple for prayers.