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 Ceremony "melukat" is one type of ritual cleansing. Melukat is believed to clear the mind and the soul spiritually. Melukat generally done with some offerings, such as: banten prascita and bayuan. Melukat is important to restore the negative elements of the human body and mind. With melukat, the Hindu religion in Bali hoping someone had thought back clean and contains things positive to continue his life. The main ingredients of this ritual is water. Well, the program is not just any water. Melukat can be done in the river water, lake, ocean, natural water sources / kelebutan, Bulakan, and others. The main purpose of this ritual is to remove dirt leteh or birth or inner. As we all know, water plays an important role in human life. Until whenever, the water will become a source of life and human life on this earth. One of the functions of water views from the religious aspect, water is a medium to conduct penglukatan. It acts as a medium, then the water considered as a liquid in a physical form that can deliver energy for life. For most people the energy can not be seen (except those who have clairvoyant), then the dual function of water as well as media and energy sources.

Tanah Lot is one place to melukat. Hindus normally perform this ceremony on the west of Penyawang Tanah Lot temple or at the Batu Mejan (west of Batu Bolong temple). Melukat usually doing by all Hinduism people according to readiness of them. The Hindu Balinese still has strong belief that diseases or anything that happen in this life caused from both natural (sekala) and supernatural (niskala), the concept that can explain about two different world in our life in the world before died.