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 Today is the temple anniversary at Pakendungan Temple Tanah Lot Bali. Pakendungan Temple ceremony exact with Kuningan Day. This the top of ceremony or puncak pujawali. The preparation like mepepada ceremony, mekarya upakara, and any other already done one day before. All of hindus people in Bali, specially from Tanah Lot came to Pakendungan Temple to do pray. Because Pakendungan Temple is public temple and representing Sad Kahyangan temple.

Hindus people usually brought some devoting that devote to the God of Pakendungan Temple. The devoting like, gebogan that is devoting which consist of formation of some fruit, and some other just brought canang gede. While, medium to pray are flower, kwangen, dupa or frankincense, holy water, and bija. Pujawali perform start from 5 AM until evening. At 12 PM perform pengerebegan ceremony from Puri Kediri, bringing "keris" (=holy weapon) "Miraculous Bendesa" which kept in Puri Kediri to Pakendungan Temple.  After pengrebegan ceremony done, continued with "ngaturang piodalan" that goes on at 2 PM. Although the ceremony start from 5 AM but pemedek or prayer already coming at 2 AM early morning.

To anticipate the situation, staff from Operational Management of Tanah Lot Tourism Object, which helped by Pecalang  from Pandak Bandung and Beraban village and police government officer has control the vehicle of pemedek  to parking at west side of public parking area which is usually used to bus parking, park at Pakendungan Temple area, and empty farm at south side of public parking of Tanah Lot Tourism Object area. Besides of that, Operational Management also anticipating with installing special guide warning for pemedek. Besides pemedek, at Kuningan Day, also many visitor visit Tanah Lot Tourism Object to spent their holiday. The temple anniversay ceremony will take place or nyejer until 3 day.