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In Bali, there are so many ceremony that must done by everyone specially for Hinduism people. Because in Hinduism religion there are five level ceremony called "Panca Yadnya" that must executed for all hinduism people. The five level are Dewa Yadnya, Rsi Yadnya, Pitra Yadnya, Manusa Yadnya, and Bhuta Yadnya. Bhuta Yadnya is the lowest level cause this yadnya addressed for "bhuta kala" that is a other strenght according to hinduism belief. We must gave it a ceremony so that "bhuta kala" not bothering our life.

Not less important is Manusa Yadnya. This ceremony adressed for human being. Example is "Melukat". Melukat is a ceremony for human being or people that purpose to cleaning our body and soul from bad spirit. Melukat ussualy doing by all hinduism people according to readiness of them. Place to do this ceremony is ussualy at Tanah Lot Temple. Because Tanah Lot Temple have two source of holy water that needed for washing the body of human being.