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"Canang Sari" usually used for reguler ceremony in balinese people everyday including in Tanah Lot. Canang Sari have different form with other symbol in bali named "Banten". This banten divided into two piece. Under piece have a globular form that usually given decoration on its periphery. At this piece there are "pelawa", "porosan", sugar cane, "kekiping" (kind of cake that make from rice powder), "pisang emas" (gold banana), and yellow rice that pillowed by "tangkih". Above, then filled by all kinds of flower that arranged as beautiful as possible pillowed with a " uras sari" or "uras sampian". At Tanah Lot, canang sari used for reguler ceremony by all people before they start their activities.


Canang sari provided with "sesari" with some form like, paper money, metal money, and also "pis bolong" ( metal money that have hole in the middle). Other tools like, sugar cane, kekiping, and gold banana referred as "raka-raka". Raka-raka symbolize the God named "Widyadhara-Widyadhari". Gold banana symbolize the God named "Mahadewa", in general all kind of banana symbolize the God named "Hyang Kumara", and sugar cane symbolize the God named "Dewa Brahma". Canang sari used to completing other devoting or used in certain days like, "Kliwon", "Purnama", "Tilem", and ceremony in holy place or temple.