Burning The Unused Entrance Ticket in Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail
pemusnahanEntrance ticket on tourist attraction is most important things which impact with tourist visit to the tourist attraction. Also in Tanah Lot, ticket both entrance ticket and parking ticket become  things that cannot separated on daily activities of sales. One side of entrance ticket which have been taken by ticket staff usually collected and will be burn every year in Tanah Lot. The destruction of entrance ticket become yearly agenda that must do so will not occurs hoarding of entrance ticket in Tanah Lot.
This morning on 10 AM, Tabanan government which have the duty burning entrance ticket symbolized, come to Tanah Lot to hold the destruction of entrance ticket.
They accompanied by ticket supervisor including from insurance side that is from Proteksindo Insurance which handle the vehicles insurance in Tanah Lot.
The destruction of entrance ticket done on the west side of Pakendungan temple. About 28 sack of entrance ticket burning side by side. All side have been participate on this activity both just see the destruction and other follow to burning the entrance ticket.