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patungThese include wood Puppets, shadow Puppets, terra-cotta figurines, ceramic large pots from Lombok and Banten West Bomeo, primitive statues from the eastern islands, brass bowls bronze statues and other decorative items. Furniture has become very big business in recent years. With few exceptions, it all comes from Java and is made of teakwood. The best is made of old recycled teakwood, which can be recognized by its rich deep color as opposed to young teak, which tends to be yellow. There are very few original pieces left anymore, so take a good look before you pay a Premium price for a married piece.

In furniture it is always, a good idea to look underneath and in the corners carefully, for it is there you will discover how well made or old the piece is. Remember that when you buy a few large pieces that the cost of shipping can be more than the buying price. As for antiques, this is now a very flexible word in Indonesia and in Tanah Lot.

Oftentimes, the best antiques are to be found among simple items that have never really caught the attention of those in search of more important pieces. Usually the longer the story about its origin, the more doubtful its authenticity.

There are numerous villages and people whose livelihood is based on making new things look old. Bronzes, for example, are treated in everything from battery acid to mildly corrosive leaves. Remember that just because something looks old and the seller seems to be a great guy who wants to give you the bargain of the century, it does not mean anything.

Like everything, the best advice is that if you love and can afford it, buy with no illusions. If you do not now what you are doing, then seek expert advice. You will probably save yourself a major headache. Shopping for art, artifacts and crafts is supposed to fun and Tanah Lot is one of the best places in the world to find something beautiful for yourself or somebody that you love.