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templeaToday is Buda Kliwon Pahang. The religious day of Buda Kliwon come every meeting with Pancawara Kliwon, Saptawara Buda and adjusted his last name with the name Wuku where the meeting took place, for example if there on the Shinta Wuku called kliwon shinta culture, if the called gumbreg, Wuku kliwon gumbreg culture and more. In Buda Kliwon day, Hindus people doing prayers and bring canang lengawangi buratwangi, which is dedicated in Mrajan / kemulan (family temple) and also in plangkliran (wall temple) of bed room, dedicated to Sang Hyang Sri Nini.

In the evening of Hindus not it the whole mind, to pray for protection and a long and healthy life. Buda kliwon pahang also called Buda Kliwon Pegat Uwakan marking the end of the series of Galungan marked by depriving penjor in front of the house.

On Budha Kliwon the superstitious nature of the Tanah Lot society in Beraban village is much more evident, where it is believed that you should not pick any produce on this day, it being detrimental to the health of the plant as well as the consumer.

In this Buda kliwon Pahang is also a temple ceremony in the village temple. Hindus from the village after the completion praying in mrajan at thei respective homes, they continued to worship at the mock village and the Tanah Lot temple. On holy days such as this Buda Kliwon Pahang, in addition to the local communities are also many Hindus people from outside Beraban who came to pray to the Tanah Lot temple.