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October 2015 Highlights in Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

tanah-lot-ceremonyOctober 3, Tumpek Kandang, also called Tumpek Andang, falls on Saturday of Uye, the 22nd week of the pawukon cycle. The name Tumpek Kandang is derived from two words, "Tumpek" that means Saturday and "Kandang" refers to Balinese word for the domesticated animals that Balinese Hindu highly honor. They include cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, dogs and birds. Thus, Tumpek Kandang itself means a day to worship God of animals. When the day comes, cows receive special treatment. In Bali, cows are highly honored because they always assist farmers in plowing their rice field. The cows cows are washed and dressed-up like human beings, with special cone-shaped spiral of coconut leaf placed on their horns.


Budha Wage in Tanah Lot Temple PDF Print E-mail
rainanToday in the morning there are many women seen wearing traditional Balinese dress and bring offerings to the temple Tanah Lot. They are Hindus who "ngerainin" to the Tanah Lot temple. Today is culture rainan buda wage (Wednesday) that for Hindus around Tanah Lot is one of the holy day. If ngerainin held once every 35 days, the temple ceremony or feast day is celebrated in this temple every 210 day or once in six months, the same as pretending to others.

Ngerainin ceremony was attended by the pengemong of the temple or local people of Beraban village. Pengemong addition, it also ngerainin followed by the shopkeepers in the art market Tanah Lot. They begged a blessing to God that their goods can be sold. Usually ngerainin ceremony was held at low tide.


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